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/* vi: set sw=4 ts=4:
 * Copyright (C) 2001 - 2007 Christian Hohnstaedt.
 * All rights reserved.

#ifndef __NEWX509_H
#define __NEWX509_H

#include "ui_NewX509.h"
#include "lib/oid.h"
#include "lib/db.h"
#include <openssl/x509v3.h>
#include <qlistwidget.h>

class MainWindow;
class extList;
class pki_temp;
class pki_x509req;
class pki_x509;
class pki_key;
class QPixmap;
class QListbox;
class x509name;
class x509v3ext;
class extList;

class NewX509: public QDialog, public Ui::NewX509
            NIDlist eku_nid;
            NIDlist dn_nid;
            NIDlist aia_nid;
            NIDlist attr_nid;
            QList<QLineEdit*> attr_edit;
            #define EXPLICIT_NAME_CNT 7
            static int name_nid[EXPLICIT_NAME_CNT];
            QLineEdit *name_ptr[EXPLICIT_NAME_CNT];
            X509V3_CTX ext_ctx;
            void editV3ext(QLineEdit *le, QString types, int n);
            enum pki_type pt;
            void templateChanged(QString templatename);
            QString mandatoryDnRemain();
            QStringList private_keys, private_keys0;
            pki_x509 *ctx_cert;
            QString v3ext_backup;
            QString valid_htmltext;
            QRadioButton *selfQASignRB;
            NewX509(QWidget *parent);
            virtual ~NewX509();
            void initCtx();
            void setRequest(); // reduce to request form
            void setTemp(pki_temp *temp); // reduce to template form
            void setCert(); // reduce to certificate form
            void toTemplate(pki_temp *temp);
            void fromTemplate(pki_temp *temp);
            void defineTemplate(pki_temp *temp);
            void defineRequest(pki_x509req *req);
            void defineSigner(pki_x509 *defcert);
            int lb2int(QListWidget *lb);
            void int2lb(QListWidget *lb, int x);
            void templateChanged(pki_temp *templ);
            pki_key *getSelectedKey();
            pki_x509 *getSelectedSigner();
            pki_x509req *getSelectedReq();
            x509name getX509name(int _throw = 0);
            void setX509name(const x509name &n);
            void setImage(QPixmap *image);
            void setAuthInfAcc_string(QString aia_txt);
            QString getAuthInfAcc_string();
            x509v3ext getBasicConstraints();
            x509v3ext getSubKeyIdent();
            x509v3ext getAuthKeyIdent();
            x509v3ext getKeyUsage();
            x509v3ext getEkeyUsage();
            x509v3ext getSubAltName();
            x509v3ext getIssAltName();
            x509v3ext getCrlDist();
            x509v3ext getAuthInfAcc();
            extList getGuiExt();
            extList getNetscapeExt();
            extList getAdvanced();
            extList getAllExt();
            void setupTmpCtx();
            void initCtx(pki_x509 *subj, pki_x509 *iss, pki_x509req *req);
            void setBasicConstraints(const x509v3ext &e);
            void setExt(const x509v3ext &ext);
            void switchHashAlgo();
            void addReqAttributes(pki_x509req *req);
            int checkExtDuplicates();
      public slots:
            void on_fromReqCB_clicked();
            void on_keyList_currentIndexChanged(const QString &);
            void on_reqList_currentIndexChanged(const QString &);
            void newKeyDone(QString name);
            void on_extDNadd_clicked();
            void on_extDNdel_clicked();
            void on_applyTime_clicked();
            void on_editSubAlt_clicked();
            void on_editIssAlt_clicked();
            void on_editCrlDist_clicked();
            void on_editAuthInfAcc_clicked();
            void on_foreignSignRB_toggled(bool checked);
            void on_selfSignRB_toggled(bool checked);
            void on_genKeyBut_clicked();
            void on_showReqBut_clicked();
            void on_certList_currentIndexChanged(int index);
            void on_applyTemplate_clicked();
            void on_okButton_clicked();
            void on_adv_validate_clicked();
            void on_usedKeysToo_toggled(bool checked);
            void on_tabWidget_currentChanged(int idx);
            void on_reqSubChange_clicked();

            void genKey(QString);
            void showReq(QString req);


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